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The 24,000 mAh Multi-functional, rechargeable, MegaBank- is a portable, external battery pack charger, which can be used for all smartphones, notebooks, laptops, and tablets.

Fast and efficient charging - it can charge up to 3-USB devices at once, as well as a laptop.



  • → Compact size - its small size (7.3 x 5.1 x 1.2) makes it ideal for portability and it weighs a mere 624 g, so it can easily be carried or stashed somewhere.
  • → Portable A/C power bank - has powerful 24,000 milliamps/hour charging capacity to quickly charge all devices.
High-end power bank - the first laptop power bank, with customized universal charging adapter and A/C output.
Safe charging - constructed with premium materials, the unit has electronic overload protection, low battery voltage shutdown, and temperature protection.

SAFE CHARGING: ROHS, CE & FCC Certified, made of Heat-Resistant ABS, built in high-quality PVC Copper wire, Premium Circuity with over-heated, over-charging protection and short circuits. More security features Electronic overload protection, Low-battery voltage shutdown, Standby time off, Charging timing/temperature protection and more.

Customer Questions and Answers

  • How long will it take to charge my iPhone?

    • About the same amount of time as the 5W wall charger that comes with iPhones.

  • How long does it take to fully charge the Megabank.

    • It’s a pretty big battery. It takes about 3 hours to fully charge.

  • Does this support pass through charging? i.e. Can it charge devices when it is being charged itself?

    • Yes, the Megabank supports charging of all three USB devices while it is plugged in and being charged itself.

  • Will the Megabank charge my laptop?

    • Yes. Many laptop chargers are 40W meaning this Megabank will deliver about 2 hours of power and / or charging for your laptop.

  • Can I take the Megabank through TSA in carry-on luggage?

    • According to the TSA you can up to two spare batteries per customer in carry-on luggage. These megabanks are rated < 100 watt hours which means they can be packed in checked luggage as well.

  • Does the Megabank come with extra cables for charging my devices.

  • Why would I want a flashlight on my Powerbank?

    • Who wouldn’t want a powerful flashlight on their Megabank? In all seriousness, having this device in the trunk for emergencies is perfect. Car is dead, power is out – having a spare, strong flashlight combined with a battery for charging phones has saved me more than once.

  • What can I use the AC power plug for?

    • I use the Megabank when camping. I can charge all of my devices AND we take a large monitor with us for watching movies. The AC plug powers the full size monitor for a couple of hours.

  • Can the Megabank be charged with both 120 vac (us) and 240 vac (uk)?

    • Yes, the Megabank comes with an adapter in the box for European power plugs.

  • Does the powerbank support an AC outlet splitter so I can use the AC outlet for 2 devices?

    • Yes, as long as the total load is under the rated amperage of the AC outlet of 85 Watts. Or, better if you just need both devices plugged in, but will only be drawing power from one at a time, the splitter will work perfectly. Convenient AC splitters are available from Amazon for less than $10.

  • Can the Megabank be charged with USB?

    • No, the Megabank comes with a wall charger / DC adapter and must be plugged into an AC outlet to charge.

  • Can I use this with a label printer on a mobile workstation?

    • Yep. A label printer draws a pretty small amount of power. The Megabank is perfect for mobile applications like this.