• Announcing the Best iPhone X Battery Charging Case

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    TechSMRT is proud to announce our newest rechargeable battery case for the iPhone X. In addition to battery cases for the iPhone 6, 6s, 7, 8 and Plus models, we are adding a newly designed case, this one custom developed for the iPhone X with a great set of features. 

  • Powerful 3600 mAh battery delivering more than one full charge
  • Slim and lightweight design
  • Built-in lightning port for simultaneous phone and case charging
  • Shock absorbing frame for maximum protection
  • Built-in magnetic back works with magnetic car and wall mounts
  • Easy-slide tech prevents lightning connector damage
  • Easy access to all buttons and ports
  • 4-level LED power indicator
  • This is the battery case worthy of your iPhone X

    This is the battery case worthy of your iPhone X

    Powerful Battery

    The SMRT iPhone X battery case provides a powerful 3600 mAh battery to recharge your iPhone X more than one full charge. Beautifully crafted and over-engineered to deliver to quality you expect from TechSMRT.  


    After spending upwards of $1000 you’re going to need a case that will protect your phone from the inevitable drops and spills. And with only 2700 mAh of battery capacity built-in to your new iPhone X, your going to need an extra battery to get you through the long days of staring at that gorgeous screen.   

    2700 mAh is technically more power than you will get from an iPhone 8 Plus but don’t be fooled by capacity alone. The X burns power at a faster rate and will not last as long as an iPhone 8 Plus in real world conditions. Tom’s Guide did some testing to prove it.


     Tom's Guide iPhone Battery Testing

    Shock Absorbing Frame

    The shock-absorbing frame protects your iPhone X from impacts even at the corners where your screen is most vulnerable.

    Shock absorbing frame for iPhone X battery case


    Lightweight, Comfortable Design

    iPhones straight from the box are notoriously slippery. The design of our new X case adds a bit of helpful size and weight. Thin and light sounds great, but IRL, it’s actually easier (and safer) to hold on to a phone with a little bit more heft.  

    "This case feels great in the hand or pocket. Without a case or with other slim cases I just feel like I am going to drop my phone all the time. Especially when typing with one hand". 

    Easy Slide Tech

    Our innovative “Easy Slide” technology makes it easy and save to remove and reinstall your case. The phone must slide straight up and down which prevents damage to the lightning port on the phone and inside the case.


    4-Level Power Indicator

    With 4 Level LED power level indicator, this battery case will let you know exactly the remaining battery life (0-25%-50%-75%-100%)


    4-level LED power indicator for iPhone X battery charging case

    The LED Lights are slightly recessed and not so bright they will keep you up at night.

    Advanced SYNC & Hassle-Free Charging

    Sync data to your Macbook, PC or laptop and charge your phone at same time without removing the case. Our advanced chipset charges quickly and safely, and turns itself off quietly when your phone is fully charged.  


    Built-in Magnet

    With the built-in magnet, this case works flawlessly with magnetic car mounts (Car Mount Not Included).


    Built-in Magnetic car mount for iPhone X battery case 

    Our ultra-slim handheld design adds only 5.1 oz. of weight and 0.72 in. of thickness.


    The iPhone X Case available now


    Wireless charging capability does not work with the battery case installed.


    Of course you can charge your case and the phone simultaneously, but like all Lightning accessories, you can’t use lightning headphones through the case, because Apple. You can however, use any compatible Bluetooth headphones like these: 


    About the Author: Cameron Christian - Owner, President-CEO. After 25 Years in the corporate world, I am creating my own destiny. I bought the business so we can continue delighting our customers with innovative iPhone cases and accessories that are beautiful and functional. Follow-us on Instagram or email me at info@techsmrt.com


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  • We Made A Mistake. Let Us Make It Up To You.

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    We made a mistake, let us make it up to you on cyber-monday

    We made a mistake on our Black Friday sale. The email should have said "50% OFF orders over $50.00". We neglected to mention the $50 cart minimum in the email. We feel terrible for the mistake and we’re making it up to you on Cyber-Monday:

    Today Only, the entire store is 50% OFF any order over $10.00

    I promise it won't be our last mistake, but we will always make it right. Thanks for being a customer.
    Sale valid Monday November 27th from 4:00am Pacific to 12:00 Midnight  Pacific. Quantities are limited. Email info@techsmrt.com with questions. 


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  • Do NOT Leave Your House on Black Friday!

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    For 12-hours starting early on Black Friday the first 500 TechSMRT customers get 50% OFF all purchases over $50 and free shipping!

    For 12-hours starting early on Black Friday the first 500 TechSMRT customers get 50% OFF all purchases over $50 and free shipping! Well, everyone gets free shipping, but you know what I mean.

    Use Code: SMRTBF50

    Sale Valid from Friday 12:00am Pacific to 12:00 Noon Pacific.

    Share this E-Mail with friends, family, everyone, except Joe in accounting.

    Black Friday Only - iPhone Battery Cases, Powerbanks, & Accessories - all marked down to insanely low prices.

    Put something in your cart; it'll be waiting for you on Friday.

    Free shipping limited offer to US destinations. Quantities are limited. Email info@techsmrt.com with questions. Thanks for being a customer.

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  • Tesla Shrunk a Supercharger to Fit In Your Pocket

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    Tesla recently unveiled an electric semi-autonomous truck destined to transform the transportation industry and likely bring an end to railroads. And at the same event a surprise new Roadster. Rolled from the back of the truck in Steve Jobs fashion, of course.

    Tesla launched another product as well, this one a little smaller than a semi-truck or even the model 3. The automaker has released, if you can believe this, a portable battery pack (the Powerbank) with USB, microUSB and Apple lightning connectors suitable for charging your Android phone or iPhone on the go.

    Tesla Powerbank

    Tesla does have a Gigafactory that pumps out massive quantities of batteries, for the cars and a big one for your house called the Powerwall. The pocket-sized Powerbank uses just one 18650 cell with 3,350mAh capacity. Literally the same cell used in the much larger power systems from the Model S and X electric cars.

    "I wonder how many of these cells it will take to power a semi-truck hauling 80,000 lbs. of groceries down the freeway at 65 mph?"

    Is a $45 pocket charger expensive? Not really, especially when paired with the design philosophy of Tesla. The charger is sleek, beautiful, and sure to stir some conversation when dropped on the table. It was designed after Tesla Design Studio's Supercharger and would look right at home inside any of Tesla’s other products. Of course you need one to match your new Model 3 right? 

    Too bad they are already sold out. Maybe we’ll all get lucky and Mr. Musk will produce another truckload. In the meantime, the SMRT Powerbank also comes with iPhone Lightning and MicroUSB for most other phones including Samsung models - its in stock and ships for free to the US for a limited time.


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  • The Headphone Jack is NEVER Coming Back

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    The Headphone Jack is NEVER Coming Back

    iPhone 6 Headphone Jack - Image Courtesy Tom the Photagrapher

    Of course you have noticed. Unless you are still sporting an iPhone 6 or 6s, the headphone jack is gone. I am here to tell you, it’s never coming back. Even the Google Pixel is following suit. Why you ask? It’s not because Apple and Google hate the accessory companies… It’s because we all miss throwing our friends in the pool. Seriously, that’s it. Ever since we began spending several hundred dollars on a phone, it became a major social faux-pas to throw your buddy in the pool. I am looking at you Kevin. Phones are slowly evolving from water-phobic to water-resistant to fully water-proof; and the 3.5mm headphone jack was a literal hole in the bottom of every phone.

    So, Lightning earbuds are great right? Apple will certainly sell more accessories this way – the Lightning accessory ecosystem is pretty weak. But you still can’t charge your phone AND listen to music at the same time. Of course, there are plenty of third-party adapters that allow people to connect a Lightning charger and 3.5mm headphones at the same time, but people have had mixed experiences using them. The bottom line, however, is that you shouldn’t need a third-party accessory to listen to music and charge your iPhone at the same time… TechSMRT used to sell a battery case with a built-in headphone jack. After too many returns we realized they just didn’t work reliably enough to meet our standards for product quality.

    Of course we will not be easily separated from our love of the 3.5mm jack. The community is still writing articles like this: I still want a headphone jack on my phone

    Can you count the number of headphones and earbuds around your house that only have a 3.5mm jack? Even those Bluetooth headphones, yes, they're ‘mostly’ wireless, but when the battery dies, or you simply want a wired connection, guess what: You'll need a dongle to connect them to an iPhone 7, 8 or X. And a different dongle to connect them to a Pixel 2. Batteries are getting better every day but until I can use my earbuds for Days not Hours, I won’t be satisfied.

    Mark my words: “the 2018 version of the iPhone will NOT have a Lightning port”.

    Qi wireless charging on the 8, 8 Plus and X models (already a standard feature on newer Samsung phones) will go a long way toward solving this problem. But we’re not done yet. Mark my words, the 2018 version of the iPhone will NOT have a Lightning port. Following Apple’s long tradition of eliminating everything from the phone that’s not screen, the Lightning ports days are numbered. Your next iPhone maybe completely sealed from top to bottom and 100% waterproof. You won’t just lose your $1000 fear of water, you’ll be using your phone underwater – taking pictures and video that will make Scuba Steve jealous. First chance I get, Kevin, you’re going in the pool.

    To make your lives a bit easier, we are testing a set of totally wireless Bluetooth Earbuds. If they live up to our standards of product quality and price, we’ll buy a few hundred pair and get them on the site. Let us know how you feel in the comments below.

    SMRT Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds

    In the meantime, we still have our standard SMRT Bluetooth Earbuds. These aren’t from Sony or Beats, but for the price, these Earbuds pack a punch. Surprising bass and battery life that exceeded my expectations.

    SMRT Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds

    Join me in lamenting the loss of the headphone jack – and then I will join you embracing the future, the wireless future that is. A year from now I expect us to look back on this mess of cables and think: “How did we ever put up with this?” Clearly wireless charging, Bluetooth and better (smaller and lighter) batteries are going to change all our minds.


    About the Author: Jaimeleigh Christian Owner. We bought the business so we can continue delighting our customers with carefully selected consumer electronic and mobile phone accessories. Follow us on Instagram or email me at jaimeleigh.christian@techsmrt.com

    Image Courtesy:  

    Tom The Photographer

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