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The Headphone Jack is NEVER Coming Back

iPhone 6 Headphone Jack - Image Courtesy Tom the Photagrapher

Of course you have noticed. Unless you are still sporting an iPhone 6 or 6s, the headphone jack is gone. I am here to tell you, it’s never coming back. Even the Google Pixel is following suit. Why you ask? It’s not because Apple and Google hate the accessory companies… It’s because we all miss throwing our friends in the pool. Seriously, that’s it. Ever since we began spending several hundred dollars on a phone, it became a major social faux-pas to throw your buddy in the pool. I am looking at you Kevin. Phones are slowly evolving from water-phobic to water-resistant to fully water-proof; and the 3.5mm headphone jack was a literal hole in the bottom of every phone.

So, Lightning earbuds are great right? Apple will certainly sell more accessories this way – the Lightning accessory ecosystem is pretty weak. But you still can’t charge your phone AND listen to music at the same time. Of course, there are plenty of third-party adapters that allow people to connect a Lightning charger and 3.5mm headphones at the same time, but people have had mixed experiences using them. The bottom line, however, is that you shouldn’t need a third-party accessory to listen to music and charge your iPhone at the same time… TechSMRT used to sell a battery case with a built-in headphone jack. After too many returns we realized they just didn’t work reliably enough to meet our standards for product quality.

Of course we will not be easily separated from our love of the 3.5mm jack. The community is still writing articles like this: I still want a headphone jack on my phone

Can you count the number of headphones and earbuds around your house that only have a 3.5mm jack? Even those Bluetooth headphones, yes, they're ‘mostly’ wireless, but when the battery dies, or you simply want a wired connection, guess what: You'll need a dongle to connect them to an iPhone 7, 8 or X. And a different dongle to connect them to a Pixel 2. Batteries are getting better every day but until I can use my earbuds for Days not Hours, I won’t be satisfied.

Mark my words: “the 2018 version of the iPhone will NOT have a Lightning port”.

Qi wireless charging on the 8, 8 Plus and X models (already a standard feature on newer Samsung phones) will go a long way toward solving this problem. But we’re not done yet. Mark my words, the 2018 version of the iPhone will NOT have a Lightning port. Following Apple’s long tradition of eliminating everything from the phone that’s not screen, the Lightning ports days are numbered. Your next iPhone maybe completely sealed from top to bottom and 100% waterproof. You won’t just lose your $1000 fear of water, you’ll be using your phone underwater – taking pictures and video that will make Scuba Steve jealous. First chance I get, Kevin, you’re going in the pool.

To make your lives a bit easier, we are testing a set of totally wireless Bluetooth Earbuds. If they live up to our standards of product quality and price, we’ll buy a few hundred pair and get them on the site. Let us know how you feel in the comments below.

SMRT Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds

In the meantime, we still have our standard SMRT Bluetooth Earbuds. These aren’t from Sony or Beats, but for the price, these Earbuds pack a punch. Surprising bass and battery life that exceeded my expectations.

SMRT Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds

Join me in lamenting the loss of the headphone jack – and then I will join you embracing the future, the wireless future that is. A year from now I expect us to look back on this mess of cables and think: “How did we ever put up with this?” Clearly wireless charging, Bluetooth and better (smaller and lighter) batteries are going to change all our minds.


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