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Tesla recently unveiled an electric semi-autonomous truck destined to transform the transportation industry and likely bring an end to railroads. And at the same event a surprise new Roadster. Rolled from the back of the truck in Steve Jobs fashion, of course.

Tesla launched another product as well, this one a little smaller than a semi-truck or even the model 3. The automaker has released, if you can believe this, a portable battery pack (the Powerbank) with USB, microUSB and Apple lightning connectors suitable for charging your Android phone or iPhone on the go.

Tesla Powerbank

Tesla does have a Gigafactory that pumps out massive quantities of batteries, for the cars and a big one for your house called the Powerwall. The pocket-sized Powerbank uses just one 18650 cell with 3,350mAh capacity. Literally the same cell used in the much larger power systems from the Model S and X electric cars.

"I wonder how many of these cells it will take to power a semi-truck hauling 80,000 lbs. of groceries down the freeway at 65 mph?"

Is a $45 pocket charger expensive? Not really, especially when paired with the design philosophy of Tesla. The charger is sleek, beautiful, and sure to stir some conversation when dropped on the table. It was designed after Tesla Design Studio's Supercharger and would look right at home inside any of Tesla’s other products. Of course you need one to match your new Model 3 right? 

Too bad they are already sold out. Maybe we’ll all get lucky and Mr. Musk will produce another truckload. In the meantime, the SMRT Powerbank also comes with iPhone Lightning and MicroUSB for most other phones including Samsung models - its in stock and ships for free to the US for a limited time.



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