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iOS 11

"Accessory Not Supported"

iOS 11-12 can be picky about accessories. The Apple customer forums have articles about this issue every time Apple updates the iOS.

(iOS 11-12 doesn’t always report the error above – sometimes the phone case turns on and the phone just doesn’t start charging)

iPhone X, Xs, Xs Max, Xr, battery charging cases

Other users have solved the problem with this process. (including my phone)

  1. Turn on your charging case. When the error message appears, just dismiss it
  1. Turn on Airplane Mode
  1. Turn off the device by pressing the sleep and wake button together until the screen turns black and a slider appears. Leave the device off for 2-3 minutes.
  1. Switch your device ON by holding down the sleep and wake button again, then, turn airplane mode off.

That's it. This fix has worked for everyone so far. 

This article applies to both types of SMRT battery cases for iPhone 6, iPhone 7, and iPhone 8 and plus models: Our Ultra-Slim iPhone Battery Charging Case, and the new SMRT Magnetic Battery Charging Case

While you are regretting the hassle of upgrading iOS constantly, take a minute to read this great article on new iOS features from TechRadar. Or, maybe more importantly depending on which model iPhone you have, Why You Still Shouldn’t Download iOS 11 on an Older iPhone

Sorry for the hassle, and thanks for being a customer.

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  • Posted on by Aron Jonah Santos

    I just bought my battery case power bank when I had my vacation in US. I can still used it last month, but now I turned it on then after 10-15 seconds it stops charging my phone? What should I do?

  • Posted on by Mike schirber
    I bought two battery cases for my iPhone sixes and have had a lot of trouble with the charging port it appears to be bigger than the original Apple and I have had play with it many different ways to get it to take a charge In fact my son gave up on his because of all the problems are there any solutions or upgrades to solve this problem thanks Mike

    PS I love the concept and the product when I am able to charge it.

  • Posted on by Marc

    This seems to have resolved itself for me since upgrading to 11.1. Thanks for the info though. This was really annoying me that I could not use my case since upgrading to 11.

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