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We're pretty iPhone focused here at TechSMRT. And we know our customers want to stay up to date on the latest. Do Apple software updates mostly suck? Of course they do. So here's a quick guide to making iOS 11 a little more bearable.

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iOS 11 Broke my Battery Case (Accessory Not Supported error)

Seriously Apple. Is this some kind of ploy to make us all purchase overpriced accessories from the Apple store? Maybe, but a little googling and we found the solution: 

  1. Turn on your charging case. When the error message appears, just dismiss it
  2. Turn on Airplane Mode
  3. Turn off the device by pressing the sleep and wake button together until the screen turns black and a slider appears. Leave the device off for 2-3 minutes.
  4. Switch your device ON by holding down the sleep and wake button again, then, turn airplane mode off

That's it. Your charging case should be working just fine now. Until Apple updates the iOS again. :-( 

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