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Seamless & Notchless — A Collection of iPhone X Wallpapers for Seamless Notch Hiding

Seamless & Notchless — A Collection of iPhone X Wallpapers for Seamless Notch Hiding

The iPhone X, or 10 if you prefer, is a gorgeous piece of engineering. Slim, lightweight, powerful and beautiful. But the notch, oh god the notch. I know why it’s there. I know what it’s for. I even love Face-ID after a few months of getting used to it. But the notch is not attractive, and the stock wallpapers that come with your X don’t do anything to hide the ugliness.

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Along comes MisterUltimate on Reddit with exactly the wallpaper I didn’t know I wanted. There have been other gradient fill wallpapers, but MisterUltimate nailed it with a collection of subtle and beautiful gradients that perfectly hide the notch on your lock-screen and otherwise.

Take a look and download them all here: A Collection of iPhone X Wallpapers for Seamless Notch Hiding

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    Awesome wallpaper. Thanks for the link. I downloaded the all, but I like the red and blue.

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